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About US
CodeSenior.COM is a web site which consists of tutorials about Java, Android, PHP, C, C++, C# and ASP.NET languages. These tutorials include generally theoretical information, code blocks, short information etc. These resources in this site are open source, so you can use them freely. 

Why should I register?
To access tutorials more easily, to see comments you sent, to add tutorials into your favorite box, and to be able to use Private Page, you should register. Registration is absolutely free.

What is Private Page?
This page include answers of questions you sent to, special codes, tutorials and documents

Why do not my comments visible?
When you commented to a tutorial,  after it is examined and to be decided as convenient, shown below related tutorial. Because of this, if name, surname, email and subject areas include incorrect information or  comments which are not related to the tutorial is sent, then your comment will not published. 

How can I contribute to this site?
Comments for tutorials or suggestions sent to email address will be examined and if they are convenient, then they will be published after some corrections